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If you need an antivirus program for your computer, VIRUSfighter is for you
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9 April 2013

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This is an antivirus software for your machine.

VIRUSfighter is virus protection Windows based systems. VIRUSfighter is easy to install on your computer and provides very good protection. The program runs in the background and checks for threats to the machine. As soon as a new virus outbreak gets to be known, an antidote is developed and released. The installation on your machine is automatic. The user does not need to do anything at all. This solution works in tandem with SPAMfighter by the same developers and works well together. That product takes care of the SPAM in your mail system. The solution is compatible with not only PC but also with Windows server as also the Android platform.

Updates are done regularly. However, there is a window of vulnerability always. As new threats are unleashed, you machine will not be protected against that particular virus, until the solution is worked out and installed on your machine. This has a simple and easy to use interface. It is intuitive enough that most users should get familiar with it quite easily. Getting productive with it should not take much time. The controls are simple and you do not need to be a security expert to start using it. The program is quite fast as its demand on the machine resources is quite low. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, you should try it in your exact workflow.

Publisher's description

If you need an antivirus program for your computer, VIRUSfighter is for you. VIRUSfighter is a user-friendly antivirus program for Microsoft Windows that is easy to install on your computer and gives you the best protection you can get. VIRUSfighter is your protection against your computer being destroyed by a virus. The program is easy to install, and then runs discreetly in the background, watching for threats. Every time a new virus outbreak occurs, an effective antidote is quickly released and automatically installed - you don't have to lift a finger. VIRUSfighter is brought to you by SPAMfighter, Europe's leading Anti Spam Filter developer.
Version 7.5.52
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it is the best i have use in recent time
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